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Author Archives: Mike C.

Commissioned Rustic Cooler Build

Enjoi Sweets,, asked me to build a rustic cooler for an upcoming event.  Of course I said yes 🙂 Here are the build pics. Update 2 – All Stained up and ready for Clearcoat.  Test fitting the steel edges.   Update 1 – Side Wall Building and Test Fitting Cooler    

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Truck on Part 3

She’s done ya’ll! I finally finished the truck to a point where she can hit the road.  Our first gig is next week and we are more than ready.  Here she is wearing a new outfit.  Check her out at

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Motorcycle Adventure Part 3 – She’s Alive!!

  Today I decided to double check the wires and found this. One of the wires bundles that is coming from my stator and going up to near the battery area had a compromised section where the sheath was torn and one of the wires was exposed.   After some research this bundle comes from the … Continue reading »

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Motorcycle Adventure. Let’s beat this once and for all. Part 2

It has been quite a while since I’ve had time to dedicate to my girl but many things have changed since the last entry. Due to time constraints with work and my wife desperately wanting me to get back on the bike, (In her words she wants her husband back.  I’m too stressed out when … Continue reading »

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Truck On!! (Part 2)

More progress on the Food Truck.  Had to significantly slow down my rate of fabrication due to work.  Everything is complete.  Inspection passed and it is at the wrappers.  More to come on the unveiling.      

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Truck On!!

Been working on a very large project the past 2 weeks and am about 50% done. Creating a food truck from scratch, doing all the work myself.  I really loving it because it’s forcing me to use many different facets of myself all at once.    

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Naturally Combatting Post – Partem Depression – Placenta Pills

Did this for my wife on the previous pregnancy and it worked so well she wanted it done again.  This time I documented my methods for you guys via an amazingly gross video 🙂 Seriously though these things work.  They triple milk production and help return the mother’s hormones to the normal balance.

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Motorcycle Adventure. Let’s beat this once and for all. Part 1 – The Gas Tank

Back in February my wife approached me that it was fiscally responsible to replace our recently totaled car (not our fault) with a commuter motorcycle for me. It took me all of 3 seconds to agree with her. I got the bike, a beautiful 2006 Vulcan 750.  A month later the problems began. I have … Continue reading »

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Rocket Stove Part 1

As I do more and more of these the more I’ve noticed that my latest “Can do”s are more survival / prep oriented. This one is part of my JIC (Just in Case) also known as SHTF on other sites.  It also stems out of an “I’m sick of paying ridiculous electricity prices and i … Continue reading »

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No Smell, No hassle Composting/Black Soldier Fly Larvae Farming 101

Growing up my dad had a sizeable garden.  Every summer my 11 siblings and I were required to work his garden.  It was something that we hated to do…well 75% of the time we did.  The soil was terrible, chock full of rocks and needed an immense amount of care and supplements.  To naturally supplement … Continue reading »

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