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Motorcycle Adventure. Let’s beat this once and for all. Part 2

Posted by on July 15, 2015

1507683_10152146739462492_1299771361_nIt has been quite a while since I’ve had time to dedicate to my girl but many things have changed since the last entry.

Due to time constraints with work and my wife desperately wanting me to get back on the bike, (In her words she wants her husband back.  I’m too stressed out when I’m not riding) I sought out a local Moto Guru.

Upon diagnosis he decided that my carbs needed to be rebuilt and that the carb boots were old and leaking.  He also said that my front cyl was running about 100deg hotter than my rear one.  He rebuilt the carbs and replaced the boots.  The throttle cables broke in the process and he replaced those as well.  After all this he said that the battery was not charging so he replaced the R/R  (Regulator / Rectifier).  He claimed the bike was rideable but that it was still a little off.  He said that the rear cyl was still not firing quite right and that it might be the rear ignition coil.

I picked the bike up from him as it was getting far too expensive for my blood and decided to heed his recommendation. (the ride home was the scariest yet)  I purchased a genuine kawasaki rear ig coil and swapped it out myself.  This changed not a thing.  She still was stuttering and stalling.  With some further research on vn750 i decided to get new spark plug caps (plugs and wires already replaced previously).  Upon installation the stalling has come down significantly but still happens often enough to be dangerous.

I believe that there might be a bad ground or wire somewhere.  Next step is to research the entire electrical system and systematically check each one.   AAHHH!!!! I JUST WANNA RIDE ALREADY!!!

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