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Motorcycle Adventure Part 3 – She’s Alive!!

Posted by on July 17, 2015


Today I decided to double check the wires and found this.

One of the wires bundles that is coming from my stator and going up to near the battery area had a compromised section where the sheath was torn and one of the wires was exposed.





After some research this bundle comes from the pickup coils.  The exposed wire was grounding out to the frame.  I cleaned up the exposed wire.  wrapped it securely with electrical tape.  Then I wrapped all 4 wires with electrical tape to add some stability.  Then I wrapped the new bundle and the old sheath which was partly still connected to give it an over abundance of stability and protection.

Took her out for a ride and all is FINALLY well.  The stalling and stuttering has stopped completely.  Power is amazing.  Smells like it’s running rich but that’s easy to tweak now that the main issue is solved.

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